A High-Performance Partnership with FORCE Lab

Dr. Pollard at work

Dr. Christine Pollard, Ph.D., PT – FORCE Lab Director

Rooting Our Insoles in Real Data-Driven Research

We’re proud to partner with the Functional Orthopedic Research Center of Excellence (FORCE) Laboratory, led by Dr. Christine Pollard at Oregon State University-Cascades (OSU-C). Dr. Pollard and the FORCE Lab conduct cutting-edge research and intervention strategies for injuries, and through our partnership, we’re able to leverage breakthrough research and technology in the field of biomechanics, as well as expert resources in orthopedics, sports medicine, and physical therapy.

FORCE Lab is specifically focused on how to optimize musculoskeletal function and performance and promote well-being through the study of human movement, helping to inform the data-driven approach of our own biomechanical research team.

Enabling Crucial, Quantified Benefits

All INSITE® insoles are made utilizing the research processes available to us at FORCE Lab through our partnership. This research provides valuable insights into critical areas of ergonomic performance:
pressure mapping hotspots


Using pressure mapping allows INSITE to refine the insole design and foam selection to reduce hotspots and redistribute pressure for reduced gait impact. Additional psychometric testing also helps us quantify the user’s levels of perceived comfort.

oxygen consumption test


We measure oxygen consumption and muscle response during athletic activity to help determine the level of performance the insole can support, and ensure it is appropriate for the type, duration, and intensity of movement required by the specific footwear product.

3D motion capture test


We use 3D motion capture to track the body’s center of mass while using INSITE insoles, as well as pressure testing to assess underfoot stability. These data, based on real human movement, give us a better understanding of how INSITE insoles can support balance.

Gain Greater Confidence in Your Footwear Line

We aren’t just testing our insoles through our partnership with FORCE Lab. We can test our products in tandem with the footwear they are designed for, adding even greater validation to the comfort, performance, and support you are delivering to your customers. When you work with INSITE, you’ll be able to apply Dr. Pollard’s research into improved biomechanical efficiency, comfort, and injury prevention and deliver greater ergonomic benefits to your customers.

Testing in the field
flex diagram

Continuous Innovation

When it comes to innovation, our work is never done. With the help of Dr. Pollard and the cutting-edge work of FORCE Lab, INSITE continues to build on its previous work with podiatrists and athletic programs, delivering ergonomic insoles that fit the exact form and function of your footwear designs.

Where data meets wear testing

Our data-driven approach to insoles goes beyond the lab and into the field, putting our insoles and your footwear onto the feet of real-life customers for thorough wear testing. In partnership with MESH01, we get reliable customer feedback before your product goes to market. This feedback ensures INSITE insoles can stand up to everything from high-intensity athletic training to a long day on the job.

data and wear testing