Performance Insoles Made for Everyone

Our Industry-Leading Sustainable Insoles Deliver Data-Driven Comfort, Performance, and Support

INSITE® was originally founded to develop insoles for professional and college athletes – delivering optimal comfort, performance, and support for how athletes move, and how much they move. Since then, we have evolved our product to supply brands in every category of footwear – from sports to work to leisure – with the orthotic benefits enjoyed by the pros.


3d foot scans

Working with podiatrists, as well as professional and college athlete programs, we innovated insoles using human factor data from more than 120,000 3D foot scans to improve gait, stability, and biomechanical efficiency. Today, we’ve expanded this technology to footwear brands, allowing you to deliver out-of-the-box comfort, performance, and support to your customers – all in one ergonomic insole.

Quantifying Comfort Through Data & Testing

We created the ProvenComfort™ method to help brands deliver on what comfort really means to their customers. Using data collected from physical properties and biomechanics testing, we’re able to analyze individual aspects of comfort relative to insole and footwear design – creating an insole product formula that maximizes the physical benefits of the shoes it’s made for.

Expert Research,
In-Depth Data

We’re proud to be partners with the Functional Orthopedic Research Center of Excellence (FORCE) Laboratory at Oregon State University – Cascades. 

 The FORCE Lab is a biomechanics laboratory that provides cutting-edge research and intervention strategies for injuries, helping to inform our insole innovations.

Industry-Leading Sustainability

With 25% plant-based foams, INSITE offers the highest levels of bio-content for open cell PU foam on the insole market. Our plant-based foam compounds do more than just maintain INSITE’s optimal comfort, performance, and support benefits. They also enhance the flexibility and rebound of the insole, thanks to their unique chemical structure.

Combined with solution-dyed textiles and our poured PU process, INSITE Insoles significantly reduce water and non-renewable energy use, as well as material waste and CO2 emissions, helping to reduce the environmental footprint to your footwear.



Comfort, Performance, and Support

INSITE’s patented ergonomic shapes are designed with biomechanical expertise to fit 85% of all footwear consumers. Combined with a precise sizing algorithm and sustainable ergonomic foams, our insoles are manufactured to deliver out-of-the-box comfort, performance, and support for all categories of footwear, from athletic to occupational to leisure.

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