Better Experiences Start with Wear Testing

Know Your Customers Will Love Your Shoes

At the core of our Proven Comfort™ method is testing insoles with real people.

Our comfort perception testing consists of in-depth psychometric surveys that help to quantify the fit, placement, and cushioning of the insole during actual activity. This type of lab-centered wear testing – in combination with plantar pressure and impact testing – helps us gather valuable data on the quantified comfort of your insoles.

Thanks to supplemental field wear testing, we can also provide additional consumer feedback that helps brands go to market with even more confidence.

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Mesh01 product tester

Take Wear Testing into the Field

We’re partnered with MESH01, a product testing platform that connects brands to a vast community of testers who will field test products the way they’re intended to be used. Get real-time feedback from your target customers and make critical improvements before going to market.


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Deliver a better product

When you know the insole has undergone a wear test by your actual target customers, you can put your footwear line on shelves with confidence. Get insole validation so you can focus on the other elements of your shoes.

Testing in the field

Validate your product with your target market.