Insoles Designed for All Types of Footwear

Your customers experience different types of footwear differently. But with the right insole, you can deliver an exceptional experience regardless of the specific application.

Performance Footwear

For the seasoned professional athlete or the casual weekend warrior, our insoles deliver the necessary comfort, performance, and support to power their every move.


Long days on the job demand a shoe and insole that can keep up. Our insoles provide added rebound and support to make extra hours manageable and your footwear more comfortable for the long haul.

Lifestyle Footwear

Pain doesn’t have to be part of beauty. Match signature footwear designs with out-of-the-box comfort using our plush ergonomic foams that enhance fashion footwear with a smooth stride.


When support and comfort are crucial, we deliver. Enhance your orthopedic footwear line with an insole designed with podiatrist-guided research and backed by biomechanics testing data.

Application Ranges

2d and 3d molded

2d and 3d molded

DUal Density

dual density



Drop-in & Sandals

drop-in & sandals


die cut

Insole Insights

INSITE Presents at the 2024 AMI Polymers in Footwear Conference

INSITE Presents at the 2024 AMI Polymers in Footwear Conference

Is a petroleum-free future finally on the horizon for polyurethanes in footwear? Be the first to discover as INSITE Director of Innovation Caleb Dyer speaks at the 2024 AMI Polymers in Footwear conference on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2:40pm PT in Portland, Oregon. Caleb...