Performance, Support, & Comfort Insoles That Just Fit

An Exceptional Footwear Experience – Right Out of 
the Box

INSITE® Insoles are designed to provide comfort, performance, and support – for every shoe and everyone. We use the science of biomechanics to develop insoles that put many of the benefits of a custom orthotic directly into your favorite brand of footwear – so a better experience begins right out of the box.

Skip the Replacement Insole

Brands that partner with INSITE Insoles have built-in comfort, performance, and support in every shoe, so no more hunting for replacement insoles to achieve a better fit. Our insoles are designed to accommodate every activity and body type, from athletes looking to perform their best to workers who need to stay comfortable for long days on the job.

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How We Do It:
THe ProvenComfort™ Method

Our ProvenComfort method uses third-party validated tests to quantify the comfort of our insoles along with the shoes they’re made for. This allows footwear brands to make shoes with the kind of comfort benefits you’d normally find in a replacement insole, including:



Pressure Relief

Gait Support


Shock Absorption

The INSITE team is partnered with the FORCE Lab at Oregon State University – Cascades, renowned for their research into biomechanics and sports medicine. Using the lab’s cutting-edge technology and methods, we’re able to leverage years of biomechanical insights to validate our insole designs and deliver a better customer experience.

Discover Our Insoles & Foams

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INSITE® Contoura® insoles feature a patented podiatrist-designed shape based on data from more than 120,000 prescribed 3D foot scans. The result is an insole with optimized PU foam cushioning, dynamic arch support and pressure relief, a stabilizing heel cup, and instant comfort that lasts all day long.

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INSITE® ArchRelief™ insoles deliver instant comfort that lasts all day long through the combination of a subtle arch shape and plush foam technologies. Designed with a slim, lightweight underfoot fit that provides targeted arch comfort, these insoles relieve plantar pressure and ease ankle pronation.

Ecocomfort foams
INSITE® EcoComfort® foams make any insole sustainable. Made with Susterra® plant-based compounds sourced using regenerative farming practices, these insoles are not only planet-friendly, but make no compromises on comfort, performance, and support.

See how our insoles look and feel for yourself.