Insoles that fit your shoes – and your customers

Greater Comfort, Performance, and Support for Your Product

You’ve got the shoe they want – now enhance it with an insole that delivers the comfort, performance, and support they need. We apply ergonomic science to both our patented shape and plant-based foams, so you can offer your customers elite-level orthotic benefits without them having to purchase replacement insoles.

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Great Fit Out-of-the-Box

We apply data-driven biomechanical research and cutting-edge material technology to develop insoles that support everyday movement. INSITE® insoles are designed to accommodate every activity and body type, from athletes looking to perform their best, to workers looking to stay comfortable on the job.

The Next Level of Ergonomic Expertise

Our partnership with Dr. Christine Pollard and the FORCE Lab at Oregon State University-Cascades builds on INSITE’s foundation of data-driven ergonomic research. Using their cutting-edge technology and methods, we are able to leverage years of biomechanical insights to validate our ergonomic design claims.

Footbeds Built for Your Footwear

Contoura and ArchRelief
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INSITE Contoura® insoles combine data from more than 120,000 3D footscans administered by our podiatry team with research into biomechanics, muscular activation, and foot tissue response to create an insole shape that fits 85% of all wearers.

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INSITE ArchRelief insoles provide similar benefits to Contoura but with a thinner profile and lower arch shape to support more athletic, responsive footwear designs. 

Materials that Perform

Neuroscience and biomechanics are critical for delivering high-performance, comfortable, and supportive insoles, but we take it one step further, down to the technical level of the compound, using innovative materials to improve the overall insole.

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