The Powerful Combination of Technology and Insole Design

Positioned for Every Category

We’re proud to be partnered with footwear brands across the industry. The science and technology behind our insole design can be applied to every category of footwear, including athletics, workwear, and orthotics.

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Innovative Materials

We take sustainability seriously, which is how we’re able to offer insoles that are made with plant-based content that is also sourced using regenerative farming practices, reducing carbon emissions and non-renewable energy consumption. All with no compromise to comfort, performance, and support.

Multiple Applications

For footwear applications from performance athletics and workwear to luxury footwear and lifestyle brands, our insoles provide the comfort, performance, and support your customers are looking for to empower their lifestyles and activities.

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With both die-cut and molded applications, our material compounds can be easily made to fit the exact needs of your product. Provide us with your current midsole designs and we’ll create a 3D rapid prototype. Plus, our industry-leading 14-day turnaround time for samples means you can go into production faster.

Insole Insights

Insole Comfort Analysis Tools

Insole Comfort Analysis Tools

Achieving optimal insole comfort is our company’s purpose, and we use multiple tools to make it happen. Here’s how we create proven comfort.

The Anatomy Of A Great Insole

The Anatomy Of A Great Insole

Traditionally, consumers have to shop around for insoles that fit their needs. INSITE Insoles were designed with everyone in mind to nip this issue in the bud.