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Ergonomic products help people live better and more comfortably because they are designed to fit us, rather than the other way around. Ergonomics is all about more efficient movement in a specific environment, which is the cornerstone of ergonomic insoles.


Ergonomic insoles go a step further than other types of insoles, as they are designed with specific human factors in mind, such as how individuals interact with their environment.

Optimal comfort and performance are at the core of ergonomics, allowing people to do what they do better and for longer without pain or discomfort, or risking injury. When it comes to footwear, ergonomic insoles can help in a variety of ways:

  • Removes stressors from activity. Ergonomic insoles can absorb the shocks and stressors of every day activity, allowing for faster recovery, and more comfortable movement.
  • Reduces fatigue from long-term activities. For anyone who is on their feet all day, the pressure placed on the feet can cause significant pain. Ergonomic insoles can alleviate some of this pressure by conforming better to the way an individual moves in their environment.
  • Provides better support. Individuals with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or very low or high arches can appreciate the benefit of good shoe support. Ergonomic insoles can provide greater levels of support than insoles that just feature arch support.
  • Helps prevent injury. In some cases, prolonged stress on the foot from long-term or repetitive activities, even just standing, can cause foot injuries like plantar fasciitis. Often, individuals ignore these issues until they interfere with daily activities, but preventive maintenance or fast treatment of discomfort can prevent these injuries from advancing.

Ergonomic insoles are often used to meet anti-fatigue footwear needs for individuals who are on their feet all day and may suffer from foot problems or discomfort.

A combination of human factors (how people move during specific activities) and biomechanics (the way muscles, tissue, ligaments, and other elements of the foot are impacted by specific movement) are used to design an ergonomic insole. Understanding how people move is imperative to creating an insole solution that can alleviate the shock and stress placed on the foot during those movements.


The whole point of ergonomics is to make products and activities more comfortable for people. When it comes to shoes, the science and technology application is different than for, say, a computer desk, but the end result is the same.


Insoles like INSITE® are designed based on more than 120,000 footscans, ensuring they will fit an overwhelming majority of wearers. When an insole understands human movement and the complexities of the foot, it conforms better to individual needs. Only this way can an insole be truly ergonomic, and enable the wearer to perform without being held back by discomfort or discover pain down the road.

Shoe brands and shoe designers can put ergonomic insoles into their shoes, eliminating the need for customers to seek out better support and comfort after the fact.

When a shoe brand is able to hang its hat on comfort and support in the same shoe, and not have to compromise one for the other, consumers take notice – because it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

INSITE® Insoles are based on real human movement to provide comfort and support all in one. See how we apply advanced science and technology to achieve optimal insoles with no compromises.

INSITE® Insoles are based on real human movement to provide comfort and support all in one.

See how we apply advanced science and technology to achieve optimal insoles with no compromises.

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