Better Shoes Are Built with INSITE®

An Insole Solution for Every Variety of Footwear

INSITE® is proud to partner with footwear brands across the industry. Our insoles, and the science and technology behind them, can be applied to every category of footwear, including athletics, workwear, tactical and orthotics.

Streamlined Customization

With both die-cut and molded applications, our poured PU and open cell PU material compounds can be easily made to fit exactly to the needs of your project.

Simply provide us with your new or current midsole designs and we’ll create the perfect insole using a rapid 3D prototyping process. Our insoles are designed for each shoe’s individual fit profile, and our industry-leading 14-day turnaround time for samples means you can go into production faster.

Insole Insights

Plant-Based Sourcing: How We Measure INSITE’s Impact

Plant-Based Sourcing: How We Measure INSITE’s Impact

INSITE plant-based materials take sustainability one step further. Our foams use industrial field corn supported by regenerative farming – not only reducing carbon emissions, but also helping to build better practices in the agricultural industry. Learn more…