To Launch a Great Shoe, You Need a Great Insole

INSITE® Insoles Have the Comfort, Performance, & Support Your Customers Need

More than ever, customers are looking for shoes with a great fit. Your shoe might have the style your customers want, but if you’re using a standard flat insole, you’re forcing some buyers to spend more money on a replacement insole.

That’s a poor experience with your brand that can be easily avoided by using insoles that provide out-of-the-box comfort, performance, and support for a majority of your customers.

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Why Choose INSITE Insoles?

Data-Driven Design:

Cutting-edge biomechanical research and ergonomic foam technology ensure everyday movement support with proven underfoot comfort.

Ergonomic Shape:

Our insoles are created using human factor data from more than 120,000 3D foot scans, ensuring improved gait, stability, and biomechanical efficiency.

Custom Shoe Fit

Designed to your footwear last with a precise sizing algorithm, accommodating 85% of wearers and supporting every body type and activity – including sport, work, and lifestyle.

Bio-Based Foams:

With up to 50% plant-based foams, INSITE offers some of the highest levels of bio content on the insole market – lowering carbon emissions without compromising on comfort, performance, and support.

More About the Impact of INSITE

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