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From a consumer perspective, products are better when they’re customized. Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work as well or at all for another. Custom insoles are designed with human factors in mind, helping elevate the comfort, support, and performance of a shoe in a way that works for a large majority of wearers.

Custom Insoles Vs Standardized Insoles

Standardized insoles are designed to accommodate general wearers, regardless of specific foot shape – and for good reason, because shoe designers have the difficult task of meeting diverse customer demands for footwear to be durable, comfortable, supportive, and attractive.

And while a standardized insole might get the job done for the average wearer, many seek out custom orthotics to relieve specific foot pain or discomfort, whether from a known foot issue or simply the demands of their lifestyle.

Those for whom the standardized insole is getting the job done would also benefit from a more custom insole – but don’t know it.

Your brand can elevate the comfort, performance, and support in your footwear lines with custom insoles. You will not only improve the shoe for all wearers, but you will more effectively meet the needs of those who may have sought out a custom orthotic.

How Can One Insole be Customized to a Majority of Customers?

INSITE® Insoles are designed using a combination of common human factors (how people move during specific activities) and biomechanics (the way muscles, tissue, ligaments, and other elements of the foot are impacted by specific movement).

We have conducted more than 120,000 3D footscans, and leveraged that human factor data to develop a line of custom insoles that fit 85% of wearers. Our insoles elevate support, comfort, and performance based on the complexities of the foot and how humans actually move.

Designing an insole to solve for the shock and stress placed on the foot during various movements means a shoe that is more comfortable, supportive, and durable right out of the box.

Why Switch to a Custom Insole for Your Footwear Line?

By using a custom insole, you can provide an enhanced experience for every customer, potentially eliminating the need for someone to seek out a custom orthotic to replace their standardized insole.

Custom insoles, like a custom orthotic, have many potential benefits relative to the fit of your shoe:

Arch Support: Arch pain can be related to plantar fasciitis, over- or under-pronation, or another problem, and custom insoles that offer proper arch support can provide much-needed relief.

Injury Prevention: Our joints take a lot of abuse in the course of a day, but custom insoles can alleviate much of the shock and stress to provide comfort during movement and potentially injury prevention in the long-term.

Enhanced Performance: Believe it or not, poor insoles can negatively impact athletic performance. A runner may make micro-adjustments to their gait to alleviate pressure or pain from an insole that doesn’t match their foot – which can, at best, adversely affect their race and, at worse, cause an injury. A custom insole understands athletic movements to ensure unimpeded performance when it counts the most.

Comfort Factor: Regardless of activity, we all know when a shoe isn’t fitting right. The insole plays a huge role in the comfort of footwear, and custom insoles can ensure your footwear line isn’t compromised by a poorly-fitting footbed. The more wearers you can serve with a positive experience, the better for your brand.

A benefit to any footwear line is eliminating the need for a customer to get a special fitting for a custom orthotic because their shoe isn’t meeting their needs. INSITE® Insoles develops each insole with the help of our expert podiatry team to ensure we’re designing for the natural shape and movement of the human foot.

Meet the movements your customers really make, with INSITE custom insoles.

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