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Why You Need to Use Different Insoles for Different Shoes in Your Footwear Line

Accommodating every individual’s unique foot shape, gait, and arch support needs is a big ask for shoe insoles, which is why shoes are often designed flat to accommodate a broader range of wearers. But as a result, the consumer who needs a bit more arch support or more rebound for high-performance days is responsible for going out and purchasing a replacement insole.

That can reflect poorly on the footwear brand. Why buy a workboot if it doesn’t come with an insole that can handle the pressures of a long day on the job? And should a consumer have to figure out the best insole for the shoe they bought? We think not.

An Insole for Every Shoe

We’ve previously extolled the benefits of providing your customers with insoles that meet their expectations right out of the box, and the importance of custom insoles that can accommodate a majority of wearers. 

But let’s get a bit more granular: every different type of shoe should have an insole to match. 

As we mentioned above, why buy a certain type of shoe designed to serve a specific purpose (i.e. a running shoe) if the insole doesn’t support that specific purpose? The last thing a serious runner wants is a top-of-the-line running shoe with a flat, rigid insole that doesn’t provide the right amount of support, rebound, or overall comfort. 

When a consumer wants performance and support on their run, their shoe itself can only deliver on a percentage of that expectation.

A lot of runners have an aftermarket insole they trust for all of their shoes, but imagine providing the right insole in your shoe right out of the box. That could be your brand. 

How INSITE Accommodates Shoe Insoles for Three Major Footwear Types

Three primary uses for footwear include sports, work, and lifestyle. And each of these uses calls not only for footwear that can stand up to the challenge, but an insole that can also provide the necessary comfort, performance, and support. 

Shoe Insoles for Sports Footwear

Sports footwear can apply to many different types of athletic endeavors from walking or distance running to endurance training or weight lifting. That’s why designing sports footwear with the right insole relies heavily on understanding the biomechanics of the sport. 

What does that mean? At INSITE, we conduct biomechanics research that measures:

  • pressure points on the foot during activity
  • oxygen consumption
  • muscle response
  • underfoot stability

These data points help us determine the level of performance an insole can support, reduce hotspots, and redistribute pressure for improved gait impact and stability. The result is a highly-customized insole design based on real human movement.

Shoe Insoles for Work Shoes

While sports footwear requires insoles that accommodate performance and endurance needs, insoles for work shoes take a different approach. Individuals who are on their feet all day or who do taxing jobs with a lot of movement or lifting need insoles with strong corrective arch support and heel stability for balance and pressure relief. 

Our Contoura insole, for example, features an anatomically-shaped design that matches the underfoot contours of the majority of footwear customers. Further, it offers podiatrist-designed arch support, a stabilizing heel cup, and high rebound with shape-retention foam. When it comes to footwear that can put in the hours, Contoura is a perfect match. 

Shoe Insoles for Lifestyle Shoes

Finally, lifestyle shoes require another type of insole that can provide everyday comfort. If your brand is designing shoes for wearers to put on as they leave the house, slip on to do some housework, or wear to the office for a low-impact day, insoles that provide soft, accommodating arch support are the way to go.

INSITE’s aptly-named ArchRelief insole is an ideal shape for leisure shoes requiring a thinner, lower-profile insole. It features a podiatrist-informed shape combined with a plush ergonomic foam, so wearers enjoy a lot of comfort and fatigue reduction all day long. 

The best way to ensure your customers have an exceptional experience with your footwear is to match your footwear with the right insole. 

The best way to ensure your customers have an exceptional experience with your footwear is to match your footwear with the right insole.

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