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Shoe designers have a tough job. They need to meet a wide variety of consumer demands when it comes to durability, performance, style and –most importantly – comfort. Unfortunately, trying to meet multiple needs means that shoes are often designed flat to accommodate a broader range of wearers. But feet are not flat, and we need insoles with arch support to help prevent the discomfort or foot problems that can occur with a flatter shoe.

Consumers have traditionally been responsible for making decisions about purchasing an insole, which can be difficult, as not all insoles are created equal. A podiatrist can make a more specific recommendation, but in most cases, a shoe wearer is flying blind, trying to choose an insole that promises the right amount of arch support.


Because shoes need to be able to fit as many people as possible, it’s important to look for insoles that accommodate diverse foot types. INSITE® Insoles are designed using data from over 120,000 3D foot scans to create a footbed that fits 85% of consumers. Our insoles are ergonomically designed with the help of our podiatry team to fit the natural shape and movement of the foot. With INSITE, a consumer doesn’t have to worry about getting a special fitting if they’re interested in insoles with arch support.


Every wearer has their own unique foot bed and foot shape, but individual activities and personal situations also dictate why someone would seek out insoles with arch support for their shoes.

  • They stand for long periods of time. Anyone who works in the service industry or in a job where they are on their feet much of the time will feel the effects of poor shoe support quickly. Being on your feet puts stress on the plantar fascia (the ligament between the heel and the forefoot), causing overuse or injury.

  • Their foot arch is very low or very high. Someone with a low or flat arch, or a very high arch, will likely experience pain from wearing shoes that don’t provide proper support.

  • They have adjusted the way they walk to accommodate an injury. Commonly, injuries to the knee, hip, or foot can alter the way we walk as we compensate for the existing pain. In these cases, additional stress is placed on the feet, which can lead to foot pain or plantar fasciitis.

  • They pronate or supinate. Most people have some degree of pronation or supination when they walk, meaning the foot rolls inward (pronates) or turns outward (supinates). Even a small degree of pronation or supination can cause foot pain, especially in the arches.

People with plantar fasciitis, or symptoms of it, often turn to insoles to help alleviate the pain or discomfort. If the insole is not correct for their foot, or their pain is related to a different problem, the answer may be less straightforward. In most cases, however, the proper insoles with arch support can provide much-needed relief.

Shoe brands like yours have the opportunity to provide better arch support in your original shoe, eliminating some of the need for wearers to seek out different insoles with arch support.


As a shoe maker or designer, the challenge is creating a shoe that can be worn by many different people and be comfortable enough, and stylish enough, to sell.

While many consumers might base their purchase on how a shoe looks, others are concerned specifically with the quality of the arch support.

Runners, for example, likely know whether they pronate or supinate in a way that requires an arch support insole for greater balance and stability.

Similarly, someone looking for shoes specifically for a job where they will be on their feet all day will know they want something comfortable that will last.

Still, even consumers who aren’t specifically looking for arch support can experience its benefits. After all, INSITE Insoles are built to fit the most foot shapes possible. While trying on the shoe to purchase, customers can experience the immediate step-in comfort of an ergonomic insole, and the long-term comfort and support it provides can lead to greater product satisfaction down the road.

Insoles like INSITE Insoles are designed using science and technology to ensure they can conform to specific movements, body types, and activities. By using insoles that are already designed for the way real people move, brands can create higher quality, better-fitting shoes.

Arch support isn’t just for athletes, or people who are on their feet all day. Because no foot is completely flat, insoles with arch support help shoe brands meet consumer needs that are difficult to meet with just the shoe design itself. Shoe designers and insoles with arch support are a team – creating shoes that are able to accommodate as many movements and activities as possible while providing the comfort and support people need.

See how INSITE Insoles can enhance your brand’s shoe line by offering greater comfort, performance, and support for your product.

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