Do your work boots offer anti-static protection? If not, you could be leaving your customers vulnerable to electric shock.  

INSITE poured PU insoles with anti-static compounds conduct static electricity into the ground and away from the body, eliminating the risk of static shock. 

All of our popular poured PU foams are available with a blend of anti-static compounds. These compounds are tested to regulatory standards in the US, UK, and EU to provide powerful electrostatic protection.  

About INSITE Poured PU Foams  

INSITE poured PU foams relieve underfoot pressure and maximize biomechanical efficiency, helping to reduce fatigue and improve all-day comfort for better performance during the workday.  

Our poured PU insoles support our Contoura and ArchRelief shapes. These shapes are based on hours of biomechanical research using real human movements.  

INSITE Plant-Based PU Foam Savings 

Our poured PU insoles contain a percentage of plant-based compounds. These plant-based compounds reduce the use of petrochemical ingredients and are more sustainable. 

INSITE plant-based insoles use a bio-based propanediol (PDO) compound derived from fermented corn glucose. This bio-PDO enhances our insoles with greater rebound and flexibility, while significantly lowering your carbon footprint.  

In 2019, a peer-reviewed life cycle assessment found our bio-PDO compounds reduce CO2 emissions by 48% and non-renewable energy use by 46%, compared to the petrochemical alternatives they replaced.  

Add INSITE Insoles with Anti-Static Protection to Your Shoes   

Enhance your work boots with INSITE Insoles made with anti-static technology. Get in touch with us and request a sample if you’re ready to take your work boots to the next level.  

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