What Makes Shoes Comfortable?

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Science and Technology

Don’t Choose Between Comfort and Style – Have Both

In this post, we’re exploring what makes shoes comfortable, and why you no longer should have to settle for uncomfortable shoes simply because they’re stylish. The combination of footwear design and an appropriate insole makes all the difference, from heels to work boots.

No Need to Settle for Pain

We’ve all heard the term, “Pain is Beauty”, which maybe had some logical place in another time period, but in today’s athleisure culture where comfort and style are nearly synonymous, the idea that we have to experience discomfort to look good frankly seems absurd.

Footwear, however, has always presented a bit of a challenge in this area. It can be difficult to find lifestyle shoes that are truly comfortable, and style is almost always the prevailing quality we look for. It’s probably not far off to say that most shoppers probably feel like they’re choosing style over comfort when it comes to certain types of footwear – like those heels that perfectly match your dress – but that choice doesn’t have to happen.

The Key to Comfort With All Shoes

It doesn’t take a long time to realize your shoes aren’t comfortable. After any amount of time on your feet, it can be hard to ignore.

What many shoes lack is proper underfoot comfort. Insoles are typically designed flat and don’t provide the necessary arch support and cushioning to take the pressure off the bottoms of the feet.

The key, then, to underfoot comfort is the right insole. And at INSITE®, we work with brands to build our insoles right into the shoe, so you get the benefit of underfoot comfort right out of the box. You won’t have to suffer through an evening of discomfort in new shoes, or run out to buy replacement insoles at an additional cost.

The insoles we design for casual and lifestyle footwear are made using softer foams that are specifically engineered for cushioning and foot shape support. They also offer a slimmer profile that won’t add bulkiness to your shoe.

Here are qualities of the best insoles for casual footwear that will deliver a comfortable experience for shoes of any style.

  • Arch shape, which helps relieve plantar pressure and ease ankle pronation without restricting it, assisting with natural foot motion.
  • Slim, lightweight shoe fit to provide optimal underfoot cushioning without adding bulk to the shoe.
  • Breathable, open cell PU foam construction that helps transfer heat so feet stay cool for airy, lightweight comfort all day long. 
  • Rebound & cushioning through a softer, less rigid insole construction, so your shoe returns to its original shape faster and provides greater flexibility of movement. 
  • Enhanced comfort with an open structure foam composition, which provides superior performance over time, and compresses and releases easily with foot movement.

Comfort and Proper Support Isn’t a Compromise

Even though you may feel like suffering through a night of discomfort in those awesome shoes is worth it, the repercussions in the long run to your overall foot health tell a much different story.

Foot injuries like plantar fasciitis can develop over time from non-supportive footwear, not to mention blisters and general foot pain that can be quite disruptive to your everyday life.
Throwing on casual shoes to hit the town, dress shoes for work or special events, or even sandals for the beach shouldn’t result in a foot health issue that sticks with you and impacts your life.

Look for shoes that have INSITE insoles inside, or do research to understand the quality and level of support you’re getting with your shoe’s insole at the time of purchase.

There is a rapidly growing trend toward comfortable, supportive footwear that is also stylish, which has led to the shunning of flat, non-supportive footwear in deference to bulky, cushion-rich options. Brands are responding with footwear that provides the support and comfort consumers are looking for, and we’re proud to be working with many of them.

Regardless of age and type of shoe, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of proper underfoot support and comfort.


Don’t choose between style and comfort – have both. 

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