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INSITE Insoles is proud to announce the opening of our Innovation & Development Center (IDC) in Jinjiang, China. 

Completed in 2022, the INSITE IDC was designed to create a space for providing advanced insole innovations and concepts to our brand customers. 

machinery used to produce insole samples

Our 3D printing center and several production stations allow us to create customized samples for customers based on their shoes’ midsole profile. With a daily production capacity of 800 sample pairs, the INSITE IDC can provide customized insole samples in about 14 business days – half the industry average.  

The facilities at the INSITE Research & Development Center features a product display area where customers can browse through our molds, foams, and top fabric selections, while the meeting area provides a comfortable space for presentations and discussions.


a wall of material samples in the INSITE IDC

“We are thrilled to be able to welcome customers to the INSITE IDC,” said Gregory Diharce, President of INSITE. “It represents the innovation that INSITE applies to our products and operations. This space will allow us to better serve our customers and showcase our capabilities to the footwear industry.”   

About INSITE Insoles  

At INSITE, our mission is to create better footwear through data-driven decisions. Data shapes everything we do here at INSITE, whether it’s creating ergonomic insole shapes or choosing sustainable alternatives for our materials and processes. 

We work alongside podiatry experts using human-factor data to develop insoles that provide maximum comfort, performance, and support. Our foams lead the industry in plant-based and recycled content while outperforming competitors in flexibility and rebound. 

INSITE is taking the footwear industry one step further with our insoles. Request a sample today to see how INSITE insoles can take your footwear to the next level. 


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