The Anatomy Of A Great Insole

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Product Design

INSITE® Insoles Were Specially Crafted To Fit Almost Everyone

The anatomy of a great insole looks a little different for everyone; from specialty needs like injury accommodation to work-related needs like standing all day, the best insole varies for each consumer. As a result, shopping for specialized insoles to insert into various shoes became commonplace for all too many customers. One of INSITE®’s main goals when researching and developing our insoles was to mitigate that extra step for consumers by leveling up the insoles footwear brands use in their shoes. By working with our podiatry partners and their database of over 100,000 3D foot scans, we’ve mastered the anatomy of a great insole for just about everyone. Keep reading to learn more about INSITE insoles and the difference our insoles make from the get-go for your customers.

Shaping The Perfect Insoles

“One size fits all” is almost never true, but at INSITE, we aim to get as close to “fits everyone” as possible. That said, as an insole brand, we absolutely understand that variations will always be needed, which is why we have a range of insoles designed to meet the needs of widely varying customers. Let’s take a look at the anatomy of two of our top insoles, Contoura and ArchRelief.


Contoura® is our flagship insole and one of our most popular models thanks to its versatility. Designed with our patented anatomical shape algorithm, which taps into the plethora of data we gathered from 100,000 feet, Contoura insoles match the underfoot contours of the vast majority of feet. The arch support of these insoles was specially designed by podiatrists and includes a stabilizing heel cup and shape-retention foam.


Our ArchRelief™ insoles were crafted with one main feature in mind: lightweight comfort. Made to reduce fatigue and respond to consumers’ all-day movement, ArchRelief insoles are great for almost anyone but are especially helpful insoles for pronated feet with lower arches.

One of the best things about our insoles is that the shape can be easily modified to fit the midsole of your shoe design, making for seamless implementation during the design and production process on your end.

Ecocomfort foams

Materials, Materials, Materials

As with any high-quality apparel, the best shoe insoles must be made with the best materials. This point is perhaps most important when it comes to footwear given how much a good or bad insole can impact the wearer’s stability, comfort, and overall foot health. INSITE insoles use specialty materials that provide premium cushioning, impact absorption, and shape retention.

Contoura insoles are made with innovative poured polyurethane (PU) foam technology. On top of the benefits this material provides for performance, the production process actually reduces material waste across the board.

ArchRelief insoles are actually available in two different materials: closed-cell PU foam and molded open-cell PU foam. The former provides a plush comfort for the wearer (in addition to all of this insole style’s other benefits) and the latter provides increased moisture-wicking for improved breathability.

Insole made with dent corn

INSITE Insoles Commitment To Sustainability

As we set out to change the world of footwear one insole at a time, we made sure that sustainability became a focal point of all that we do here at INSITE. Some things we do to keep our practices sustainable are:

  • Our Innovative Pouring Technology:
    This method, used for both Contoura and ArchRelief insoles, allows us to pour our PU foam directly into the insole molds rather than creating sheets of material that are then cut to shape. This approach dramatically reduces material scrap waste and improves productivity in the long run.
  • Customization:
    Contoura insoles (like all of our insoles) are completely customizable — not just in terms of shape, but in terms of sustainable material content. Available in seven different versions of EcoComfort® poured PU foam, Contoura insoles can be made with varying levels of plant-based materials to meet the exact needs of your footwear designs.
  • Our plant-based materials are partially made using bio-based propanediol (PDO), which is made using a glucose fermentation process that replaces one of the main petrochemical components of polyurethane with renewable industrial field corn.

The Bottom Line

The anatomy of a great insole requires a thoughtful, well-researched approach, which is why we poured so much time into crafting our various designs. INSITE insoles are crafted with every consumer, every kind of shoe, and the planet in mind as we take strides toward a better future for foot health.

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