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The Adidas CodeChaos with Insite® Insoles Can Take on Any Course Condition

From varying terrain to volatile weather conditions, the golf course can be an unpredictable landscape – but players need to maintain their game, which means a golf shoe that can handle the chaos. The adidas Codechaos leverages INSITE® science-backed technology to provide the comfort and support needed from an insole for exceptional performance in any course condition.

The Challenge: Optimizing a golf shoe to keep players in the game

To give golfers the advantage over tough terrain, uncertain weather, and the overall demands of the game, adidas needed a golf shoe that would drive performance. To complement the design of the Codechaos golf shoe, adidas wanted an insole that would provide optimal comfort and support while reducing foot fatigue during every match.

The Solution: Designing an insole to take on the chaos of the course

INSITE® worked with adidas to understand exactly what the shoe company was looking for out of the Codechaos. The idea was to design a golf shoe that would take on tricky terrain and inclement weather to keep golfers in the game longer.

We applied our patented ergonomic design and advanced material compound to create a science-based insole that is based on natural stance and the way a golfer moves whether in the bunker, in the rough, or on the green.

The Result: Empowering golfers to take on any course condition

Our insoles combine with the cutting-edge design and data-driven technological approach of the Codechaos to help empower a player’s skill and poise in any course condition.

Coupled with adidas’ Fitfoam cushioning, the INSITE® insole helps maximize comfort and reduce fatigue as golfers traverse the course. We designed the insole to provide enhanced support and traction, complementing the responsive spikeless outsole and enabling a secure stance. The footbed materials are lightweight, aiding in the athletic fit and movement potential of the golf shoe. The result is a golf shoe that brings strategy and control to the fluctuating conditions of the course.

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