INSITE Contoura x Move Game Day Insoles

Feb 17, 2022 | Case Study


Move and INSITE have teamed up to bring the ergonomic benefits of our Contoura insole to athletes everywhere.

Founded in 2020, Move’s mission is to bring the secret weapons used by the best professional athletes in the world to everyone. The Move Game Day Series allows you to power up any athletic shoe with the form-fitting INSITE comfort and performance system, taking your game to the next level.

Move Game Day Series Insoles

The Move Game Day and Game Day Pro insoles utilize our patented Contoura shape, designed to promote injury prevention and fatigue reduction.

Game Day insoles provide increased comfort and flexibility to athletes at every level of play. The Game Day Flex Base adds locked-in support with ultra-responsive cushioning.

Game Day Pro insoles are made for the serious competitor. These insoles feature a composite Pro Base for solid, strong movement. The Dual-Foam System provides max energy return and impact absorption.

Both insoles feature X-Frame Torsional Support and Active Heel Technology. They provide extra stability to the midfoot area and reduce pressure under the heel.

About INSITE Contoura

The INSITE Contoura insole shape is based on over 120,000 3D foot scans and is designed to fit 85% of footwear users. INSITE’s patented sizing algorithm ensures a consistent shape and fit for all shoe sizes. Contoura features a stabilizing heel cup, podiatrist-designed arch support, and high rebound foam. As a result, Contoura promotes better alignment and neuromuscular efficiency to mitigate injuries.

Move insoles are tested on both professional and collegiate athletes. Testing includes evaluations for balance, endurance, and comfort. Different movements are tested to ensure the insoles’ performance during different activities.

Move’s Game Day series insoles are bringing the benefits of custom orthotic insoles to athletes everywhere.

Move athletic shoe insoles

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