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How the INSITE® ProvenComfort™ system can help you keep both your production costsand your carbon footprintlow.

As a footwear brand, you face a lot of pressure when it comes to your budget. Customers expect great products from you. But they also expect low prices. Your challenge is to keep costs low – without compromising on quality.  For some developers, that means putting sustainable materials – and underfoot comfort – on the chopping block. At INSITE, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice either one.  We’ve engineered cost-neutral and price-competitive EcoComfort® insole foams that can help you save money while saving on carbon emissions.  Plus, our ProvenComfort system – complete with in-depth biomechanics testing – is designed to give you the most optimized insole for your budget, so you can give your customers the comfort, performance, and support they need out of your footwear.  Here’s how we do it.   

Sustainable Materials You Can Rely On 

INSITE EcoComfort foams are made with a blend of plant-based bio-propanediol (bio-PDO). This replaces some of the main petrochemical ingredients in PU foam, helping to dramatically reduce the carbon emissions and non-renewable energy use of our insole foams.  Our plant-based foams come from industrial field corn that supports regenerative farming practices. And thanks to the stable supply chain of US field corn, our biomaterials are readily available, as well as consistent in quality.  We’re able to roll this stability into our pricing models, so you can outfit your shoes with cost-neutral and price-competitive sustainable options that won’t break the bank.   

Localized Manufacturing That Lowers Transit Costs 

Since the beginning, INSITE has made it a priority to be where your footwear production already is.  Our factory network is located in cities across eastern China and Vietnam. This allows us to integrate easily into customers’ supply chains and keep lead times down. It also helps us keep logistics costs low, with decreased shipping costs and taxes.   

Optimization That Works Within Your Budget 

Even if you’re saving money, you shouldn’t have to compromise your customers’ comfort. And with the INSITE ProvenComfort system, you don’t have to.  The ProvenComfort system is designed to find the most optimal underfoot comfort solutions for your footwear’s form and function.  Our biomechanics team and product engineers have already done the hard work, determining the best foam and shape for your footwear application.  And with our biomechanics testing and reporting, you can get in-depth comfort metrics on your insole, so you can go to market with confidence.  The ProvenComfort system is at the core of our production innovations – and it’s adaptable to the scope and budget of your footwear project.   

Where Do I Start? 

If you’re just starting your journey towards sustainability, INSITE offers two cost-neutral foam solutions to get you on your feet. 

INSITE EcoComfort 11 Standard (Poured)

With just the right balance of cushioning and support, EcoComfort 11 Standard foam uses 11% plant-based material and supports INSITE’s range of ergonomic shapes, including our flagship Contoura insole. Available in molded and die-cut applications. 
Blue INSITE Contoura insoles


INSITE EcoComfort 10 Breathable Foam (Open Cell)

EcoComfort 10 Breathable foam gives you high levels of moisture-wicking comfort, while keeping your shoe lightweight. Like our poured PU, our open cell PU foams are biomechanics tested and engineered for data-driven comfort. Available in die-cut applications and as sheet material. 

Additionally, our 25% plant-based foams are competitively priced, allowing you to upgrade to a higher plant-based content without the higher price.


From Sustainability to Ergonomics – We Work Within Your Budget 

We believe that the best way to create a more planet-forward footwear industry is by making sustainable materials and insoles accessible for all brands, regardless of their price point. 

Doing the right thing for the planet shouldn’t be a financial burden to your brand. And thanks to the INSITE ProvenComfort system, it no longer needs to be. 

If your brand is still choosing petrol-based insoles, INSITE can help you find the right material to lower your carbon footprint without raising your costs. 

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