Feel-Good Foam: Meet the New INSITE EcoComfort® 70 PU

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Sustainability

Debuting at the NW Materials Show and NE Materials Show

Consumers are becoming more conscious about the materials and processes used to produce their footwear and their effects on the environment.

With sustainability becoming a leading influence on consumer spending habits, footwear brands must adopt eco-friendly materials if they want to catch consumers’ attention.

But with the affordability of petrol-based materials, it can be difficult to justify making the switch to sustainable insoles.

That’s why INSITE is proud to share the newest foam in our EcoComfort materials line, EcoComfort 70. With a plant-based content of 70%, INSITE EcoComfort 70 is one of the most sustainable insole materials on the market.

The best part? The competitive price of INSITE EcoComfort 70 means footwear brands can add sustainable, data-driven comfort to their shoes while meeting budget requirements.

EcoComfort 70 insole

High-Performance Sustainability

INSITE EcoComfort 70 PU is made with a blend of 60% Susterra bio-PDO and 10% castor oil.

Susterra bio-PDO is derived from industrial field corn. It replaces the main petrochemical ingredient in polyurethane, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and non-renewable energy usage by nearly 50%*. PU foam insoles made with Susterra offer several benefits over traditional petrol-based PDO, including:


Enhanced flexibility


Greater elongation


Increased tear and tensile strength

70% Plant-Based, 100% Transparent

Susterra bio-PDO is derived from industrial field corn grown in the US, allowing its supply chain to remain stable and readily available.

The TruTerra program tracks sustainability metrics for 100% of the land used to grow Susterra’s corn feedstocks. These data points include greenhouse gas emissions, soil quality, and conservation practices deployed.

Participating farms utilize 26 different regenerative farming practices, including crop rotation, reduced fertilizer and pesticide use, and no-till farming.

About INSITE EcoComfort Foams

INSITE EcoComfort sustainable insole materials are better for the planet – and for your customers.

Engineered using cutting-edge biomechanics research to complement the cushioning of human foot tissue, INSITE EcoComfort foams offer optimal compression set and rebound for enhanced underfoot comfort.

Available in an array of poured and open cell PU foams, INSITE EcoComfort foams are ideal for casual, work, or athletic footwear and can support all INSITE shape constructions.

Give your customers the comfort, performance, and support they’re looking for in a sustainable insole with INSITE EcoComfort PU.

*Based on the results of a 2019 Lifecycle Assessment, which found Susterra bio PDO reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 48% and non-renewable energy usage by 46%.

With up to 70% plant based compounds, INSITE EcoComfort insole foams deliver more earth-saving benefits than ever.

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