Sustainable Insoles That Fit Your Budget

Affordable plant-based foams that don’t sacrifice performance — or your eco mission

INSITE® helps you choose the best sustainable insole material for your footwear — and your price point. Our INSITE EcoComfort® foams are not only competitively priced, but they also outperform 100% petrol-based foams when it comes to overall performance and durability. Plus, the plant-based content in INSITE EcoComfort foams supports a regenerative farming program that helps improve soil health. Download our whitepapers on plant-based sourcing and performance, and see how we’re helping reverse climate change by leveraging this agricultural practice for our insole creation. In these whitepapers, you’ll learn:
  • How the unique molecular structure of our plant-based compounds improves the flexibility and durability of our EcoComfort foams
  • What regenerative agriculture entails, and how these practices encourage the rebuilding of soil organic matter and the restoration of degraded soil biodiversity.
  • How regenerative farming practices tackle the major concerns of modern-day farming — including pollution, erosion, water use, nitrogen efficiency, and soil quality.
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Tracked Sustainability Impacts

100% of the acreage that supplies our biomaterials is covered by a regenerative farming program that tracks 100 data points at the field level, including:

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Greenhouse gas emissions

soil quality icon

Soil quality

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Nitrogen use efficiency

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Sheet & rill erosion

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Conservation practices deployed

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Non-harmful crop rotation

More About INSITE’s Sustainability Commitment


Smaller Footprint, Bigger Impact

Read about how our insole manufacturing processes reduce waste, increase efficiency, and reduce our carbon footprint, without compromising on comfort, performance, and support.

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