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Deliver on Consumer Perceptions of What “Comfort” Really Means

Years of insole science development has led us to to this breakthrough method that combines a broad range of testing to maximize comfort.

How We Use Data to Quantify Comfort

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Comfort Perception Testing

Measuring 12 points of underfoot comfort perception including fit, arch and heel placement, and cushioning

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Impact Testing

Measuring compression forces, impact attenuation (shock absorption) and energy return (rebound)

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Plantar Pressure Testing

Measuring plantar pressure, the foot’s center of pressure, and gait

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the Proven Comfort™ method

By applying the Proven Comfort™ method, our insoles improve comfort through physical properties testing and leverage biomechanics to analyze individual aspects of comfort relative to insole and footwear design. We combine your footwear design with data and testing to create a product formula to maximize Proven Comfort results.


Ergonomic underfoot contours, including patented algorithmic shapes like INSITE Contoura®


Biomechanically engineered foams like INSITE EcoComfort®, plus multicomponent builds for enhanced functionality


Rapid 3D design and sampling tailored to the last or midsole of your specific footwear


For All Walks of Life

Learn more about the markets we serve and how we help footwear brands empower their customers’ lifestyles and activities.

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All About Biomechanics

Learn more about the science behind our ergonomic insoles. We sat down with INSITE Lab Manager, Sherri Dean, BSc, to discuss the importance of biomechanics in footwear design.