How Comfortable Insoles Create Returning Customers

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Product Design

First Impressions Matter: A Consumer’s First Experience with Your Footwear

We live in a digital age where online shopping has taken over the retail world. But when it comes to finding new shoes, nothing beats shopping in person.

Consumers know that the only way to truly gauge footwear comfort before they make a purchase is to try before they buy. Those first few steps can make or break the decision to buy your footwear.

So, how do you make shoes more comfortable to enhance a consumer’s first experience? By adding better insoles, of course!

The Role of Insoles in Enhancing Footwear Comfort

No component of the shoe directly influences underfoot comfort more than the insole.

The most comfortable insoles provide proper arch support, impact protection, and increased stability. Most consumers are looking for these features the second they put your shoes on their feet.

With so many options on the market, if your footwear doesn’t have the features they want, consumers will simply shop elsewhere. This is why it’s crucial to build your footwear with an insole that provides these features right out of the box.


The Importance of Step-In Comfort

If someone wants to purchase your shoes, chances are they don’t want to wait to break them in to enjoy wearing them. Sure, they can go out and buy an aftermarket insole, but that requires additional time and money that most consumers do not want to spend.

Instead of forcing your customers to find an insole that enhances their footwear comfort, you could build your shoes with comfortable insoles right from the start. This decision can improve comfort for your customers and increase the value of your shoes.


How INSITE® Builds Comfortable Insoles

INSITE’s approach to insole design accounts for both the physical and psychological aspects of comfort. The INSITE ProvenComfort™ system is a series of biomechanics tests designed to quantify the comfort of our insoles and the footwear they’re built for.

We use third-party validated tests to capture data on plantar pressure, material physical properties, and psychometric data from perception testing. These data points allow us to select the best shape and material for an insole that maximizes footwear comfort.

INSITE proprietary PU foams are made with enhanced performance benefits including rebound, shock absorption, and a durable compression set.

Unlike aftermarket insoles, our insoles are customized for your shoe’s unique midsole or last design. This allows the insole and midsole to work together as a cushioning system, giving the wearer a more comfortable experience.

pMake a Lasting Impression with INSITE Insoles

First impressions matter, and there is no exception with footwear. By building your shoes with comfortable insoles, you can turn a first-time customer into a returning customer. 

At INSITE, our goal is to help brands make the right impression with consumers as soon as their shoes leave the shelf. 

Want to learn more? Request a sample to find out what proven comfort feels like.

Deliver Proven Comfort with INSITE Insoles

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