Carhartt® Women’s Fit and Comfort Footbeds with INSITE® Contoura® Technology

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Case Study, Product Design

The Technology Behind Carhartt’s New Insoles for Women 

Iconic workwear brand Carhartt has released its first aftermarket insoles for women. 

The Carhartt Women’s Fit and Comfort footbed with INSITE Contoura technology was engineered to optimize step-in comfort for women who are on their feet all day.  

About Carhartt Women’s Fit and Comfort Footbeds 

Carhartt Women’s Fit and Comfort footbeds are built with INSITE EcoComfort® dual-density foam, engineered to complement the cushioning of human foot tissue. An INSITE EcoComfort 25 Terrain poured PU base provides support and shock absorption, while a top layer of EcoComfort 25 Stratus open cell foam adds breathability and cushioning with a durable compression set.

A diagram of the new Carhartt after market insole

The INSITE Contoura shape was designed using a patented algorithm based on 120,000 podiatrist-prescribed 3D foot scans. This data set includes scans of both men’s and women’s feet, helping INSITE design an insole that meets the unique needs of women’s footwear. 

INSITE Contoura insoles feature a stabilizing heel cup and dynamic arch support. This design helps to distribute underfoot pressure evenly, making these excellent insoles for women who spend long workdays on their feet. 

Aftermarket Insoles Built for Women 

For years, footwear and insoles for women have been built using men’s data with the assumption that women’s feet are just a smaller version of men’s feet. Today, we know this assumption to be false.  

Women’s lower-body biomechanics are much different than men’s. Wider hips, narrow heels, and other anatomical differences mean women need a different insole shape than men.  

We analyzed 120,000 3D foot scans – roughly 60,000 from women – to develop an insole shape that can support women’s lower-body biomechanics. 

Insoles Made for the Way Your Customers Move 

Your customers need an aftermarket insole that can support their lifestyles. 

The INSITE Contoura shape technology uses data to create insoles for women that provide optimal comfort, performance, and support. 

Carhartt Women’s Fit and Comfort footbeds are engineered to support long workdays with fit, form, and comfort that lasts as long as your day.  


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