INSITE Presents at the 2024 AMI Polymers in Footwear Conference

by | Jun 20, 2024 | Blog

Is a petroleum-free future finally on the horizon for polyurethanes in footwear?

Be the first to discover as INSITE Director of Innovation Caleb Dyer speaks at the 2024 AMI Polymers in Footwear conference on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2:40pm PT in Portland, Oregon.

Caleb will talk about the road to 100% bio-based PUs for footwear, using INSITE EcoComfort PU foams as a case study in how various plant-based feedstocks can boost durability, performance, and sustainability.

INSITE will also introduce the latest foam innovations that are helping us inch closer to petroleum-free chemistry for footwear PUs.

Visit the AMI website to reserve tickets today:



About INSITE EcoComfort

INSITE EcoComfort poured and open cell PU foams are made with a percentage of plant-based compounds, helping to improve performance while reducing carbon impact. Learn more…


A headshot of Dr. Caleb Dyer

Caleb Dyer, Ph.D. returns to the AMI Polymers in Footwear conference as the INSITE Director of Innovation, having previously served as Material Innovator, Polymer Lab Manager, and Lead Chemical Engineer at Nike. Learn more…

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