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    With 15+ years of elite level athlete data, the team of doctors at Footcare Express have developed a unique shell shape and design which caters to athletes needs. FCX technology was developed on the court, the field, and the rink with some of the best athletes in the world. Product validation wasn’t an afterthought, it’s been the only thought.



    1. A strong, stiff, lightweight fiber of pure carbon, made by subjecting various organic raw materials to high temperatures, combined with synthetic resins to produce a strong, featherlike material used in the construction of aircraft and spacecraft.

    Athletes are constantly in motion meaning that deceleration and acceleration need to constantly be accounted for. Ariaprene AP COR Foam was chosen for its ability to aid in the deceleration and Pulsion was chosen for its ability to transfer energy back to the athlete to keep them moving. This combination means athletes can go harder for longer periods of time.


    Connecting an athlete to their shoe means slippage can no longer be a variable. By adding a synthetic suede topcoat, athletes can expect better grip meaning quicker acceleration and change of direction. An antibacterial coating was also added to reduce odor.


    Compared to the standard foot bed in my shoes, they seemed to have a more significant support structure that appeared to be very well made. Nothing was disconnected or pulling apart. The top sheet is a suede material which seems like it will be more comfortable, while the foam and support structure seemed to be made from quality materials, as it didn’t have a cheap feel of some aftermarket foot beds.
    — Alex, 20 (skier)